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Carcery Vale, CA, us
About me:
Well I dont think there could be any interesting facts about a normal life.But Ill tell about what I like to and hope your the same way(just kidding I dont really care) .What I like to do is hang out with friends, go paintballing with my friends(FYI for paintballing you dont need a full body armor all you need is a mask, a thick shirt,a jacket, and pants......dont go in shorts I learned that the hard way),play video games, and of course my least favorite and maybe yours too school.Dont get me wrong I do get good grades especially in P.E.,Science,and History.................the other subjects are my least favorite and my worst English and Math Now that you know what I like to do I guess Ill tell what sports I like the first would have to be Baseball, then Basketball, finally Football. My favorite teams would have to be the Dodgers, the Lakers, and the Raiders(yes I know they been suckish lately but my dad says a true fan always sticks with his team,hes a Raider Fan too).....hope to see you on the messageboard Oh yeah!! Twilight... Well that's It! Good night sleep tight hope you make it through the night
Favorite Music:
To the people that are Punks like Dervish was in Demon Theift or if being a punk isnt all that any more(I dont know what a punk is when it comes to Rock)I dont listen to Rock at all.......If your going like then Im most likely going like thisdanceing or rocking my head to the beat of what ever the song Im listening to. If your wondering what I like to listen to then Ill tell you.Its Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B,and Lation. If you dont have a clue what these types of music is then I think tou should go to youtube.com or google them. Of course if you hate those type of music then I dont know dont do anything
Favorite TV Shows:
Some of the shows I like are in the images in the right but for the most I like -Mad T.V -My Wife and Kids -Travel Chanel -History Chanel -Discovery Chanel -TNT -The Closer -Scrubs -DEXTER(HBO or SHOWTIME) -Shippuuen Naruto -Reno 911! -South Park -Gorge Lopez -Fanily Guy -American Dad -Robot Chicken -InuYasha *Video Games I like -Destroy All Humans -Call of Duty -The Force Unleanched -AREA-51 -Grandtheft Auto -RAINBOWSIX Vegas
Favorite Movies:
-Well of course one movie Im gona Like is Cirque Du Freak(but I think the actors are bad for the movie). -Balls of Fury(One of George Lopez's best) -Scary movie1-5(Just a really funny movie) -Saw 1-5(One of the best movies Iv seen) -Tropic Thunder(All time funny...Not Joking) -Mr. and Mrs.Smith(great action movie they should make a part two "The smith family") -Pirates of the Caribbean 1-3(Johnny Depp very funny) -The Mask(All time favorite) -Reno 911!(it was an okay movie) -The Strangers(I thought it would be scary they had creepy parts but in the end it sucked) -Snoop Doggs hood of horror(It was cool movie Machete did a good job) -Son of the(Jim Carrey would of been in it but he doesnt like cequells) -Alien vs Predator 1-2(a lot of action, good movie) -Dawn of the dead(it was Okay) -Friday(Ice-Cube good actor) -Next Friday(Funny Movie) -Friday After Next(The joys of the holidays) -IRONMAN(good action) -Freddy vs. Jason(good use of fake blood) -Saving Private Ryan(okay movie) -Beatual Juice(I know its spelled wrong but thats how its spelled...anyway funny movie you should see it) -and many more

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Me,Myself,And I, and of course the best author there is...........................Darren Shan!

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